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    The Basics

    What is Splore?
    Splore is designed to help you pursue your interests, by making it easier to find and connect with other people who share your interests as well as to relevant content and knowledge found across the Internet.
    How did you guys come up with this idea?
    The concept for Splore originally began with a desire to leverage technology to help create real-life "search parties". Whether you'd lost a family pet or were dealing with a more serious Amber Alert situation, the challenge is how to quickly and effectively find others in the right place who are immediately willing and able to help you find what's been lost. This original idea led to the broader application of "sploring" - connecting with the right people at the right place and time to achieve anything.
    Is Splore available for anyone to join?
    Splore is currently released as a 'Public Beta', meaning it's generally available for anyone to see and join, though the product has not yet been formally launched. We greatly value the feedback from our beta users, as this allows us to improve and prepare the product for it's formal launch.
    How is Splore different from Facebook?
    Facebook is a fantastic social network that allows you to stay connected with your real-life family and friends. At Splore, we believe there's tremendous value if you can focus on your own interests and needs, and connect with people you may not know, but who share your interests, and focus on goal-oriented activities.

    Getting Started

    Do I have to register to use Splore?
    Splore is designed to allow anyone to visit the site and "explore" what others are interested in, without ever needing to register. Of course, the value of the site goes up dramatically by joining Splore as you can then actively participate in Splores, and even create your own.
    If I login with my Facebook account, why do you ask for so much of my information?
    First and foremost, Splore does NOT share any information we gather from Facebook with any external parties. Our primary objective is to facilitate connections between people and content that will prove uniquely valuable to you. The more you share with Splore about your interests and likes, the more rewarding your experience on the site will be.
    If I've logged in with Facebook before, can I bypass that and just login manually with my email and password?
    Yes! Once you're logged on the site via your Facebook account, you can visit your Profile page and click the Set Password button, where you will be prompted to set your password with Splore. After doing this, you will receive an email to confirm this new password, and you can then access your account either via your Facebook login or manually using the same email address and the new password you just set.
    Do I really have to fill out another user profile form?
    The only profile field we require is a Screen Name. Remember, though, that the more information you share about yourself, the more personalized your experience on Splore will be. Also, your privacy is paramount to us - you have complete control over what parts of your profile you choose to share with others.
    Why am I prompted to confirm my email address?
    When you register with Splore using your email address, we want to be sure that no one else is misusing your identity online. By sending a confirmation email to you, you can confirm that it really is you on Splore, or be notified in that rare instance that someone else is abusing your identity. Also, you have the option to set alerts and notifications within Splore - we need to be sure we have a valid email address before we'll send any emails to you.
    Why am I required to validate my mobile phone number?
    Your mobile phone number is an optional field in your user profile. If you'd like to receive alerts and notifications via SMS text messaging, you will need to Verify your mobile number. This is easy - just go to your profile, enter your mobile number (including country code if outside the United States), and then click "Verify". You will then receive a brief SMS text message with a private code that you'll be prompted to enter on the site. Once you enter the code, your number verification is complete!

    Using Splore

    What's the difference between Joining and Following a Splore?
    We designed the application to make interacting with Splores as flexible as possible. As long as a splore isn't hidden or private, you can publicly find and see the contents of a Splore, even if you're not registered or logged in. If you find something that's particularly interesting to you, you can choose to 'Follow' that Splore - this allows you to receive email alerts as well as notifications in your Dashboard when activity occurs in the Splore. Only Splore participants, though, can actually contribute and comment in Splores. Choosing the 'Join' button in a Splore allows you to formally participate.
    Can I control how much email I get from Splore?
    Yes. Every user can set their Notification Settings to determine how often you receive certain types of email notification from Splore.
    How do I report bugs or provide suggestions to the Splore team?
    We absolutely encourage everyone to share as much feedback as you're able regarding your experience with Splore. We use a 3rd party service called 'GetSatisfaction' as our support community, and you can easily access this anywhere in our site by clicking the "Feedback" menu item in the upper right.
    If I find content or activity on the site that I feel is abusive or objectionable, what should I do?
    We rely heavily on each user to effectively moderate the activity on Splore. Please report any potential abuse by clicking the Report a Concern link at the bottom of every page.
    Why am I prompted to enter other passwords?
    The only time you'll be prompted for passwords other than your Splore login, is when connecting to other 3rd party accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail. Splore does not save the passwords you enter - these are sent securely and directly to each external provider, and are used solely to validate your account access rights.
    How do Splorer Scores work?
    In Splore, you can easily track your activity and accomplishments. In addition, you'll receive points for activities like registering and logging in to the site, participating in Splores, and sharing Splore with your other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can see your score or that of others wherever the user profile is displayed. To see more detail behind your Score as well as your overall ranking, check your Stats found on your user profile page.
    What images are supported in contributions?
    You can add images to Splore contributions. We support JPEG, PNG and GIF file types only. There is currently no file size limitation imposed on uploaded images, and images are only supported in contributions, not comments to contributions. Profile pictures must be 200x200px or larger.
    Are there any limitations to the size or type of videos I can upload?
    You can upload videos of all common formats to Splore contributions, as long as the video was made by you, and the total file size doesn't exceed 500MB. When you upload a video, you agree that you understand and accept the site Terms of Use. Keep in mind that large video files will take time to upload, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, and that once uploaded the video will also require a short period of time to be processed before it will appear in the contribution for playback.
    Are there any limitations to file uploads in contributions?
    You can add files of any type/format to Splore contributions. There is a maximum file size of 10 Megabytes imposed on any single uploaded file. If you try to upload a file larger than this size, you may receive an error message or simply be unable to submit changes to the contribution.

    Splore Sites

    What is a Splore Site?
    Think of a Splore Site as taking an entire copy of the Splore website and creating a new version just for you. You get your own domain (e.g.,, your own site branding, and can manage access to your site however you wish (private or public sites supported.)
    Can anyone create their own Splore Site?
    Yes! You can access more information about how to create your own site by linking to the Splore Sites page, which contains details about various types of sites, site pricing and terms, etc.