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Personalize the Splore experience with a custom site tailored for your own group or organization.

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Collaborative Athlete Care

Splore Sites allow you to create a mobile communications platform uniquely suited to the needs of athletic trainers and physicians focused on the effective care of their athletes. Simple and immediate injury alerts pushed to all relevant parties, ongoing collaboration surrounding the athlete's diagnosis and treatment. And fully secure and HIPAA compliant.

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Social Support Networks for Patients

Most medical providers and hospital systems have yet to realize the power of virtual communities and social networks. It’s been said that patients are the most under-utilized resource in healthcare today, and so Splore has created a social media platform to help change that. When you or a loved one is facing a health concern, sometimes, what you really need is someone who has already been there. Splore enables health care organizations to create personalized online communities for your patients.

Extending the Value of your Event

Typical conferences and events today do not take full advantage of the power of virtual communities and social networks. Splore brings conference organizers, sponsors, speakers, and attendees the opportunity to enjoy greater engagement well beyond the bounds of the actual event, with clear benefits for each audience.

Taking Communication Beyond the Classroom

Social media is transforming the way that students, teachers, alumni, and the community connect, engage, and learn – both inside and outside the classroom. Splore is a collaborative communications platform that helps schools build community, boost enrollment, and improve education.