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About Splore

Splore personalizes your web experience.

Splore takes social networking, crowd-sourcing, and knowledge sharing to a whole new level. The web revolution created an explosion of websites. And that information overload led to a greater dependence on search engines, question and answer sites, and discussion forums. Today, the focus is turning to you, the individual, and empowering each of us to privately connect with the right people and the right information, at just the right time. Welcome to Splore.

Why Splore?

Splore was founded because we believe the social media revolution should provide more value than just keeping track of where your second cousin Fred is having lunch today. We all have passions in life. Causes we support, hobbies we pursue, interests that drive who we are. And you're not alone. Splore was designed to empower you to achieve those things that matter you.

What we believe.

We embrace core principles that guide our vision of Splore.

  • Privacy: We strongly believe that the individual should decide how to manage their personal information. Our goal is to give you clear and simple control.
  • Utility: Splore is designed to help truly make a difference for individuals and groups. If it's not meaningful, we're doing something wrong.
  • Immediacy: We recognize that social connections and shared knowledge is dramatically more valuable if available at the moment you need it.
  • Social Intelligence: Just like the Internet provides amazing amounts of incredibly valuable data, we believe that the world's combined knowledge and experience will grow to create true social intelligence.

You can reach us by email at