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Disease Splores

Pet Disease with 2 contributions

Occasionally your pet will get sick. Here is a list of all the diseases and their cures.

health animals disease …and 5 more tags

over 5 years ago
3 followers & 2 participants

This is for anyone with this disease. How do you deal with it? Do meds work for you? Any foods make it worse or better? Have you found any homeopathics that work for you?

disease gastroparesis digestive problems …and 1 more tag

about 7 years ago
3 followers & 3 participants

My grandpa suffered from PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) throught the last 5 years of his life (Originally diagnosed as Parkinson's Disease, but changed later) and my grandma had a terrible time trying to take care of him. if anyone could offer some caregiving tips for others going throught the same thing, I'm sure you'd be appreciated.
Challenge 12

psp progressive supra …and 4 more tags

about 7 years ago
2 followers & 2 participants

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