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Weather Splores

Challenge #5 Weather with 24 contributions

Part of the iPad Challenge.

Win a free iPad by completing a few simple challenges! In this one post a picture outside to show what the weather is like in your city. Place something in the picture that shows it is current (from NOW)

ipad weather challenge

about 7 years ago
13 followers & 13 participants

Things to do before a blizzard hits. with 32 contributions

Our family is really looking forward to the blizzard. They don't cancel school here very often. Assuming the power doesn't go out, we are hunkering down and getting ready for it and looking forward to a couple of days home together drinking cocoa and playing games. The stores are busy and people are buying bread, milk, toilet paper and batteries. I also got a couple dozen eggs. Don't know why, just seemed like a good idea. Any other suggestions?

children winter blizzard …and 6 more tags

over 6 years ago
8 followers & 8 participants

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